March 1, 2016

Deborah Gilboa, MD Feedback from TappMD Expert
Deborah Gilboa, MD
Step up and be a parent.
This is a great new term - "peerent." Instead of worrying whether or not your kid likes you, worry about whether or not you're going to like your kids.

The word “peerenting” may be fairly new, but chances are you already know a peerent, or maybe even are one yourself. You know, the mom who describes herself as her daughter’s best friend or the dad who overshares about his life. Peerents are afraid of hearing the word “no” from their kids! Sometimes, though, the signs you’re being a peerent instead of a parent aren’t that obvious. Here, the five signs that you may be more peer than parent to your child…

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Deborah Gilboa, MD

Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) of empowers parents to raise respectful, responsible and resilient kids. Around the country and around the world, she works with parents to increase their knowledge and to use the parenting instincts they already have. Doctor G focuses on practical tools and teaching skills, not just dishing out advice.