March 1, 2016

Kids have enough stress in their life, now add the internet to the mix and you open a whole new world of mental health and emotional issues. Cyber-bullying is no joke. You should talk to your kids, make them aware, and listen to them.

Here are a few of the worst cases:

  1. Hannah Smith
    2013 – The 14 year old was bullied on by internet trolls after looking for information on skin eczema. She committed suicide.
    Hannah Smith
    Images courtesy of Mirror.
  2. Rehtaeh Parsons
    2013 – The 17 year old Canadian suffered months of harassment after being sexually assaulted when she was 15, with photos of the incident circulating. Rehtaeh was taken off of life support after a suicide attempt and shortly thereafter died.
    Rehtaeh Parsons
    Image courtesy of The Washington Post.
  3. Tyler Clementi
    2012 – The Rutgers University student who took his life at the age of 18 after his roommate secretly streamed him having sex with a man over the internet with a webcam.
    Tyler Clementi
    Image courtesy of Windy City Media Group.
  4. Sarah Lynn Butler
    2009 – Only 12 years old when she committed suicide after being called a slut among other harassing messages on MySpace.
    Sarah Lynn Butler
    Image courtesy of Jazlyn’s Blog.
  5. Megan Meier
    2006 – The 13 year old that was bullied on MySpace by an ex-friend’s mother who posed as a good-looking boy to gain Megan’s trust only to turn the kind words into harassing insults. Megan committed suicide.
    Megan Meier
    Image courtesy of
  6. Ryan Halligan
    2003 – Ryan committed suicide at the age of 13 after talking to a popular girl from school online all summer, and later being humiliated by her when she shared their conversations with friends.
    Ryan Halligan
    Image courtesy of

And sadly, there are many other cases out there.

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