March 1, 2016

Oh Lindsay, what can we say, except thank you. You have parents saying, “It could be worse. She could be acting like that Lohan girl,” and teens making memes about you. In our eyes, you are the role model for what NOT to do with your life.

  1. Don’t date DJs.
    Even if she is a lesbian, it just doesn’t sound like a great idea. It’s the party life that got you in trouble, and DJs are nothing but party people.
    Image courtesy of
  2. If you’re white-girl wasted, call a cab.
    Remember when she crashed her Mercedes? Okay, she’s crashed several Mercedes–I’m referring to the SL-65 in 2007. Arrested for DUI and possession of cocaine.
    Car Crash
    Image courtesy of Tumblr, UCLA Medical Center.
  3. Drugs Make You Look Old. Don’t Do Drugs.
    Judging by this picture, how old would you guess she is? Definitely NOT 27 years old.
    Image courtesy of Taringa.
  4. Tanning Is Not The Solution To Freckles.
    It just isn’t. ‘Nuff said.
    Image courtesy of
  5. Mean Girls Don’t Make Good Friends.
    Seriously…she was in a movie about it and everything! Yet, she hangs with party animals. Do you remember when her and Paris Hilton were buddy-buddy? Ugh, I don’t want to either.
    Paris And Lindsay
    Image courtesy of I Watch Stuff.
  6. Shoplifting Gets You A Court Date
    She has money. What was the point?
    Lohan Mug Shot
    Image courtesy of And Pop.
  7. Chasing Your Ex-PA’s Mom Is Never OK.
    Live and let go, Lindsay.
    Car Chase
    Image courtesy of Drug Free Homes.
  8. This Says A Lot.

    This Says A Lot
    Image courtesy of New York Daily News.

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