February 27, 2016

Studies prove that at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and making dietary substitutions can prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, but can also give you more energy, decrease weight, improve your metabolism, and provide mental clarity.

Here are 9 tips for decreasing weight and increasing healthy choices for those with little time.

  1. Grocery shopping

    Go for a lap around the supermarket; in and out of each isle before starting on your grocery list. For more of a challenge, do the same with a full grocery cart!
    Grocery Shopping
    Image courtesy of Well + Good NYC.

  2. Skip the vending machine

    Simple enough. Nothing good ever resides in the vending machines…beware.
    Vending Machine
    Image courtesy of Wishfit.

  3. At the office

    Sedentary jobs are actually terrible for your health. It is important to combat the effects of sitting for hours by getting your blood and muscles pumping. It is recommended to take a walk around the office every hour.
    Image courtesy of MPR News.

  4. Grab a water

    Many people take the health benefits of water for granted. Replacing sugary or high calorie beverages and snacks with water is an old diet trick. Water also helps keep you hydrated and helps flush toxins from your body.
    Drink Water
    Image courtesy of Sonix4.

  5. Make chores more interesting

    Put your back into it–literally. Rather than mopping your floors, why not scrub them and get your arms pumping? While vacuuming, march in place and around the room while you clean the carpets. And while dusting high up places, go up on your toes and then down into a squat multiple times.
    House Cleaning
    Image courtesy of Red Beacon.

  6. Take the stairs

    Whenever possible, use the stairs instead of an elevator. If you are in a locale with an escalator (and no one is in front of you) walk up the steps.
    Take the stairs
    Image courtesy of Red Book.

  7. Buy unrefined everything

    There really is little taste difference in most unrefined consumables, such as unrefined sugar. Refined grains, sugar, and carbs are highly processed and bleached to give them a lighter color. Removing these chemically treated items can keep your arteries clear, your natural chemicals balanced, and your weight down!
    Unrefined Grains
    Image courtesy of Photo Dictionary.

  8. Snacking better

    When your stomach is gurgling and you need a quick snack, grab some fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurt, peanut butter, milk, or some green tea. Anything but the chips and candy!
    Healthy Snack
    Image courtesy of Facebook | The Facial Bliss.

  9. Sitting is no excuse

    Even when you have some down-time tighten parts of your body, such as your abs or clench your fists to work the forearms, hold for a few seconds then release and repeat. Easy enough, right?
    Woman sitting in chair
    Image courtesy of The Guardian.

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