May 8, 2016

Hot chocolate, pumpkin latte’s, football, playing in the leaves, the kids dressing up as superheroes on Halloween, and allergies. Not everything about fall is so crisp and festive but not to worry! Between ragweed, increased pollen and mold levels in the air, and the chilly air bringing sniffles, autumn spawns an entire trough of new allergies and symptoms. Follow these simple guidelines to keep yourself healthy and help your little Superman avoid his Kryptonite.

  1. Avoid Midday Yard Work

    Pollen levels are highest in the middle of the day, so rake leaves in the morning and let the kids play in the evening. Save the middle of the day for catching up on TV, snacks, and naptime.
    Raking Leaves
    Image courtesy of She Knows.

  2. Clean Your Filters

    Your air conditioner and furnace units might be pumping pollen into your house, aggravating your allergies even when you hole up indoors. Clean your filters now and throughout the fall to keep the air in your house clear.
    Clean Air Filters
    Image courtesy of Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc..

  3. Check Allergen Levels in Your Town’s Air as Easily as You Check the Weather

    The National Allergy Bureau keeps updated information on airborne allergens in your area. If pollen is your weakness, plan ahead and have your medications on hand.
    Check Weather
    Image courtesy of iMore.

  4. Shower At Night

    Especially if you put any products in your hair, as these gels can trap even more pollen. Going to bed with clean hair and skin will help you breathe better at night, giving you a more restful sleep and knocking out congestion.
    Image courtesy of Hansgrohe International Pro.

  5. Bubble Baths, Pedicures, and Meditation

    Studies show that increased stress levels cause an increased allergic reaction. Keep your cool and keep that cold at bay. Soak in a bath for a few minutes, meditate, or find an activity of your own to keep your stress levels down and your allergy levels too!
    Image courtesy of CNY Healing Arts.

  6. Embrace Your Inner Nerd

    Stock up on travel tissues and hand sanitizer, especially in your gym bag, as it is one of the most common places to pick up allergens and illness. It might feel dorky when you and your grandmother have the same travel tissues, but it beats discretely wiping your runny nose and watery eyes on the same shirtsleeves. Hand sanitizer eliminates the threat of public doorknobs, water fountains, and other communal provisions, especially if you use public transportation.
    Hand Sanitizer
    Image courtesy of Good Guide.

  7. Maintain A Moderate Thermostat Setting

    Dust mites thrive in humid homes. Set your thermostat on the mid to low 60’s, and keep the humidity level below 50% to stay cozy and allergen-free.
    Image courtesy of Miss Celania.

  8. Make it Hot

    Wash your clothes and bedding on the hottest washer setting the fabrics allow. Studies show that water above 140 degrees entirely wipes out allergens such as pollen and dust mites.
    Image courtesy of Buckets and Bows.

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