March 1, 2016

  1. Healthy Halloween Jack O’ Lantern Carrot Rice Balls
    “Healthy and Halloween. At the same time. Win – win if you need a respite from the onslaught of sugaryness of the Halloween season. These little vegan cuties are made with carrot juice – and NOT orange food coloring – to make little orange rice balls.”
    Healthy Halloween Jack O Lantern Carrot Rice Balls
    Recipe courtesy of Apron Strings.
  2. Grain-Free, Cookie Dough Energy Bites
    “These are probably my simplest energy bites yet. And you would not believe how fast they were eaten. They’re like cookie dough so I think you can assume how awesome these are.”
    Grain-Free Cookie Dough Energy Bites
    Recipe courtesy of Food Doodles.
  3. Creepy Carrot Fingers
    “The kids get WAY to much candy on this holiday so if might be nice to fill them up before the candy fest with something a little healthier. Plus these would be great to send in your kids lunch ANYTIME.”
    Creepy Carrot Fingers
    Recipe courtesy of Frugal Freebies And Deals.
  4. Gluten and Grain-free Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Frosting
    “You know what’s really neat? These cupcakes are grain-free, but my taste testers didn’t even think they were “healthified.” HA! I think any baker can tell, though.”
    Gluten- and Grain-free Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Frosting
    Recipe courtesy of Texanerin Baking.
  5. Witches Brew Pudding
    “Out of all the Halloween recipes I’ve helped my Mom make, enjoyed at school parties and made for my friends, this recipe for witches brew is, by far, the funnest to eat.”
    Witches Brew Pudding
    Recipe courtesy of Healthful Pursuit.
  6. Meringue Ghosts
    “Cute little Halloween meringue ghosts made of sugar and egg whites, with mini chocolate chips for the eyes. Sweet, delicate and melt in your mouth, the flavors are reminiscent of a marshmallow.”
    Meringue Ghosts
    Recipe courtesy of
  7. Cheerios and Chocolate Halloween Treats
    “I combined these salty, savory little O’s with chocolate, dates & almond butter and put the mixture in silicone pumpkin molds. They are tartelettes meet cookie kind of treats. They have a nice crumb and are topped with a creamy ganache. Eat with a fork or hold in your hand. Hello yum & hello fun!”
    Cheerios and Chocolate Halloween Treats
    Recipe courtesy of Family Fresh Cooking.
  8. Candy Corn Parfait
    “I’m sharing a cute little (Healthy!!) recipe that I came across last week. It’s super simple to prepare and just adorable. You can of course make smaller cups if you want to serve this at a party among other treats, or keep the larger cups for the perfect after-school snack.”
    Candy Corn Parfait
    Recipe courtesy of The Food Network.
  9. Broom Sticks
    “These little broom sticks were just too cute to pass up. Of course, mine don’t look near as good as the source photo, but you get the idea.”
    Broom Sticks
    Recipe courtesy of The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife.
  10. Mint Chocolate Crisp Lollipops
    “These babies are patterned after a local candy that I absolutely love! I tried to make these similar to dark chocolate in taste, but they have the addition of mint extract (which is my favorite flavor to combine with chocolate) and a healthy brown rice cereal.”
    Mint Chocolate Crisp Lollipops
    Recipe courtesy of Oatmeal with a Fork.
  11. Bloody Teeth Treats
    “Want to scare the pants off your kids, husband or friends? Stick a few of these bloody toothed grins in their lunchbox or on their dinner plate and watch them scream! These creepy treats are made with 100 percent edible materials, like apples, marshmallows and peanut butter, so after you’re done spooking you can eat!”
    Bloody Teeth Treats
    Recipe courtesy of SheKnows.
  12. Chocolate Banana Eye Pops
    “These do have a bit of chocolate on them (and you could use dark chocolate or simply leave it off all together) but overall they are a healthier, fun treat for Halloween.”
    Chocolate Banana Eye Pops
    Recipe courtesy of Frugal Freebies And Deals.

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