February 29, 2016

Fall is the perfect time to search for fresh produce, explore new recipes, and share them with friends and family. There are numerous superfoods out there that not only come with extraordinary health benefits, but allow you to be creative in the kitchen, while keeping your family’s appetite satisfied. Your family most likely consumes some of these superfoods on a daily basis, but may not even know it. The following 5 superfoods are all delicious, kid-friendly, and easy to locate.

  1. Pomegranates

    Pomegranates are known for being a mess and staining fingers red after being sliced open. Although messy, they are full of antioxidants and fiber that not only keep your heart healthy, but keep “bad” cholesterol down. According to an article from, Southern Living, “a single pomegranate contains nearly a quarter of the USDA’s daily recommended amount of dietary fiber, which helps you feel full and maintain a healthy weight.” In addition to simply eating the seeds plain, pomegranate seeds can be placed into salads for added flavor, or made into a healthy alternative syrup to put on top of pancakes for breakfast. No matter how consumed, pomegranates make a sweet treat for all ages.

    Pomegranate Superfood
    Image courtesy of Vie Active.

  2. Apples

    Apples may be the easiest superfood to get members of your family to consume. However, recent studies show that the skin of apples may be what coined the phrase “an apple a day.” The Daily Green states that the skin of the apple contains a compound called quercetin, an anti-oxidant that may help fight a large array of diseases. Apple slices with some form of dipping sauce is a great snack for kids, but apples can also be incorporated into salads, soup, and chicken dishes to add a sweeter flavor.

    Apple Superfood
    Image Courtesy of Musing on the Muse.

  3. Brussels Sprouts

    One of the hardest superfoods to convince your family to eat is brussels sprouts. They have a bad reputation amongst children due to their bitter taste, so be creative when preparing them. Pair them with something savory to add a balance, because brussels sprouts are packed with health benefits. Similar to pomegranates, The Daily Green discusses how brussels sprouts are high in fiber and calcium, with more Vitamin C than an orange. Try roasting brussels sprouts with nuts and cheese to hide their appearance from children, while making an excellent side dish.

    Brussels Sprouts Superfood
    Image Courtesy of Quinn Cooper Style.

  4. Pumpkin

    Fall wouldn’t be the same without including pumpkin as a superfood. In addition to creating some of the most delicious fall deserts and treats, pumpkin has some serious health benefits. Pumpkin is not only a good source of B vitamins, but according to an article from Health magazine, it is rich in potassium and contains more than 20% of your daily recommended intake of fiber. Pumpkin can be made into delicious soups, raviolis, and even waffles.

    Pumpkin Superfood
    Image Courtesy of New Jersey Train.

  5. Pears

    Pears are easy to come by and are perfect for the fall/winter season. Pears are sweet and juicy, making them a perfect snack for the kids. However, cooking pears can bring our their flavors even more. Try poaching pears or placing them in a salad with nuts to accentuate their flavor. Health magazine highlights pears excellent source of copper and Vitamin C, and includes 4 grams of fiber per serving.

    Pear Superfood
    Image Courtesy of Grocery Headquarters.

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