February 24, 2016

  1. The Stair Climb
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it before, but now take it to the next level by scheduling 3+ times during the day to “grab a bite” or “talk to someone downstairs. When you take the stairs, you are actually working everything from ankle muscles to butt muscles.
    Stair Climb
    Image courtesy of Bloomberg Businessweek.
  2. The Cubicle Maze
    Take a few laps around cubicle ville every hour or two. If your office is cubicle free, tour the hallway.
    Image courtesy of Office Design Gallery.
  3. The Water Run
    This is a dual benefit, and an excuse in-itself to exercise! Every hour, refill a glass with water. The added bonus to the arm lifts you use to drink the hydrating water is the walk to the water cooler! And for the daily double, you’ll make frequent bathroom runs too! (The guy below is taking this way too literally).
    Water Run
    Image courtesy of Kast-a-Way Blog.
  4. Ball Or Bail
    Exactly like it sounds. Sit on a health ball at your desk to tighten your core and straighten your back. If you get tired of the ball, no worries, try standing for a few minutes while you file papers. This will get the blood flowing.
    Image courtesy of Xyience Blog.
  5. Chair Fitness
    Sitting on the edge of your seat, lean back until your upper back makes contact with the back of the chair. Gripping the arms of the chair, slowly extend your legs until they are straight in front of you. Then, slowly lift your knees towards your chest and your chest towards your knees.
    Chair Fitness
    Image courtesy of WikiHow.
  6. “I’m just pushing my chair in,” Lunges
    OK, it’s a far fetched excuse. However this exercise does not look as silly as others.
    Image courtesy of Mother Nature Network.
  7. Bathroom Squats
    Stalls are a sacred barrier of privacy in an office. (This guy gets it).
    Bathroom Squats
    Image courtesy of Mixed Fitness.
  8. Foot Flex
    Pretty inconspicuous, and easy to do without interrupting your work! Point your toes forward like a ballerina and hold for 10 seconds–feel the burn along the top of your foot and the bottom of your calf. Then bend your feet back towards your shin and hold for another 10 seconds. Repeat until you grow cankles (ankles that are as big as your calf muscles).
    Foot Flex
    Image courtesy of About.com Pilates.
  9. Leg Lifts
    Another discrete, under the desk, workout. Simply sit with your feet under your desk and slowly extend your legs until they are straight in front of you. Hold for the count of 10, then release. Repeat until you can’t take the burn.
    Leg Lifts
    Image courtesy of Fitting Around.
  10. Counter Lifts
    Next time, while you wait for your coffee to brew or lunch to heat up in the kitchen, stand facing the counter and place your hands on the ledge. Lift yourself up, until your arms fully extend, then dip yourself down until your elbows make a 90-degree angle. Try not to let your feet touch the ground. Also, try it in reverse!
    Kitchen Dips
    Image courtesy of Self.

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