March 1, 2016

  1. Bicycle Crunches | 50 Reps.
    Put on a TV show and pajamas and bicycle in bed!
    • Lying on your back, pump your legs in the air like you’re ridig a bicycle. As each knee comes toward your chest, lift your head and shoulder off the ground and toward that knee.

    Image courtesy of PopSugar Fitness.

  2. Leg Lifts | 25 Reps.
    You don’t even need your hands for this one! So grab a snack while you workout.
    • As simple as it sound. Lying on your back, keep your legs fully extended and stiff as you lift your feet together off the bed slowly. Feel the burn in your belly before slowly lowering your feet back down.

    Leg Lift
    Image courtesy of Give Me Ballroom.

  3. Barre Leg Lifts | 30 Reps.
    For this one, you definitely don’t want to be laying on something hard, but don’t be deceived–this one is challenging.
    • Lying on your belly, touch your toes together so your knees point out, forming an “O” shape. Your hands should be on top of one another with elbows pointing out and your forehead resting on the back of your stacked hands. Without losing shape, pull your upper body (head, chest, arms) and lower body (feet, legs) off the ground. Hold and wait for the burn, then slowly return to the starting position.

    Barre Leg Lifts
    Image courtesy of PopSugar Fitness.

  4. Plank | 30 Reps.
    Okay, so you’re going to look a little silly doing some of these, but it’s a tradeoff.
    • From your stomach, push your body off the ground until you’re on the balls of your toes and elbows with your body perfectly straight. From this position, lift one leg into the air. Depending on how firm your bed is, this exercise may be quite the balancing challenge.

    Image courtesy of Motivation, Nutrition, Fitness & Health.

  5. Side Leg Lift | 50 Reps.
    Just like you used to see in those 70s-90s workout videos
    • Start by lying on your side, with your legs out straight, stacked on top of each other. Lift the top leg up straight in the air

    Side Leg Lift
    Image courtesy of Femme Fitale.

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