March 1, 2016

  1. The Shake Weight
    Please tell me you saw this one coming. The only thing this device does is make your muscles tense up to maintain balance. You will not be as ripped as the actors in the commercials. Shows like SNL and South Park have made a mockery of this device as well.
    Shake Weight

    Image courtesy of StaleBread.Net.
  2. Ab Rocker
    I mean, it does most of the work for you! Sure, not a bad thing if you need some assistance, but not a great option if you are looking for some firm abs.
    Ab Rocker

    Image courtesy of WikiHow.
  3. Sports Drinks
    Honestly, ditch the sugar and opt for some pure, refreshing water, vitamins, and a healthy diet.
    sports drinks
    Image courtesy of Los Angeles Times.
  4. The Thigh Master
    This product helps firm up your thighs a little, but certainly not enough to get compilments at work or quit your day job to become a blue jean’s model.
    Thigh Master

    Image courtesy of Musings of a Distractible Mind.
  5. Electronic Muscle Stimulators
    These devices were original created to subside atrophy in physical therapy patients. The firmness really isn’t much more than you probably have right now.
    Flex Belt

    Image courtesy of UGO.
  6. Hawaii Chair
    Really. Really? Does this one even need an explanation?
    Hawaii Chair

    Image courtesy of Ellen TV.
  7. JumpSnap
    Essentially a jump rope without the rope. Why spend money to jump in place?
    Jump Snap

    Image courtesy of My Beauty Match.

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