February 26, 2016

We all like to look our best. Especially during the holidays when we are seeing extended family, attending office parties, and hopefully getting some vacation time. When the summer fades to fall, it’s hard not to gain a few pounds. (For warmth of course, right?) But with these simple tips you can look and feel your best when you want to the most.

  1. Adopt A Workout Fit For The Weather

    If you are a runner chased away by the winter chill, start an indoor cardio routine, or treat yourself to some new cold weather gear to brave the harsh elements. If you did outdoor yoga through the warmer months, join a gym or set up a small area inside your house that will bring you the same zen. You get the idea. If you need a place to start, visit our Fitness section for a variety of both novice and advanced tone-up moves.
    cold weather workout
    Image courtesy of Outside.

  2. Limit Those Lattes

    Even non-coffee drinkers fall in love with all of fall and winter’s flavored lattes. But many of these drinks, even decaffeinated, contain much more sugar than you would put in an average cup of Joe at home. That’s why they taste so good. Especially later in the day when you may not burn through all the sugary caffeine before dinnertime, these drinks just make us bloat. Too many coffee drinks can also damage stomach lining, and irritate digestion. But not to worry, there are healthier home recipes for many of these flavored lattes, and it will save you money, too! Visit our Recipes section to see how to brew your favorites.
    limit lattes
    Image courtesy of Inhabitat.

  3. Heat It Up

    Studies have shown that warm snacks are more filling than cold and room-temperature munchies. So swap the potato chips for a cup of soup or oatmeal. Warmer foods are often healthier, as well. And although we can’t quite find healthy reason in that hot fudge sundae, your healthier choices will allow you to eat it guilt-free anyway.
    microwave heat it up
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  4. Tweak The Thermostat

    Studies show that the body stays more alert and metabolizes faster when it must work a little to keep warm. Turning your thermostat down just a few degrees can cut dollars off your utility bill, and inches off your waist.
    Image courtesy of Obesity Panacea.

  5. Stop Late Night Snacking

    We’re not telling you not to pop popcorn for the new episode of your favorite show every week, but perhaps you can swap that hot chocolate for some hot tea, and if you’re going to have a sugary treat like ice cream, eat it earlier in the evening. Sugar not digested before sleep is turned to fat. So the difference in damage of those Chips Ahoy could just be what time you eat them. And if you must munch, make it light and healthy. Crackers, and apple slices are both healthy options. Been good lately? Reward yourself with some Nutella spread. It’s all about balance.
    late night snack healthy
    Image courtesy of Bite Size Wellness.

  6. Keep Yourself Busy

    It is human nature to hibernate when it gets cold. No one wants to walk in a wind chill. But this regulation of a schedule and activity level is what kept you so toned during the warmer months. Of course it was more appealing to run errands in shorts and flip flops, but you still have errands to run, and it’s not getting any warmer just yet. Bundle up and find that extra motivator for yourself that will get you out of your warm bed each day, even on your day off. Need warm clothes? Looks like you have some shopping to do, better get up!
    Image courtesy of My Pinky Toes.

  7. Embrace The Seasonal Best

    The holidays bring about tons of different assorted nuts, and we’re not just talking about the in-laws. Almonds, cashews, peanuts, and walnuts are just a few of many that are packed with antioxidants and energy-boosters. Since the fruits at your local grocery store may not look as enticing as they did in the warmer months, nuts can be a great substitute in your diet. They are low in sugar, filling, and are a great snack on-the-go. Many assortments also offer low-sodium options for those with diet limitations.
    assorted nuts
    Image courtesy of Basket Box.

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