March 1, 2016

To get the most out of Okra, try not to cook it!

  1. Diabetes therapy for lowering blood sugar.

    Okra Sap Therapy has the potential to decrease blood glucose levels in the body. Simply soak 1-2 raw Okra (with the tip and top chopped off) in a glass of water over night. In the morning, drink the water. Repeat daily or as necessary.
    Okra Sap

  2. Great source of Fiber.

    The amount of Fiber in Okra is another reason this plant helps lower blood sugar levels. Fiber helps with constipation and soaks up excess sugar in the body.

  3. Helps with Asthma.

    The high levels of Vitamin C in Okra can help reduce inflammation and other respiratory issues.

  4. Removes toxins from the colon.

    Okra binds carbs and toxins in bile and from the foods we eat, helping the body remove these complex and impure elements from the body. In fact, some studies suggest that Okra could decrease your risk of colon cancer.

  5. Great for expecting mothers.

    The B-9 and Folic Acid found in Okra can aid in a child’s development within the womb. B-9 decreases the likelihood of neural tube malformations and Folic Acid helps with brain development.

  6. Promotes bone health.

    The Vitamin K and Vitamin C in Okra assist in arterial health, specifically the body’s ability to coagulate.

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