March 1, 2016

Note: Always consult with your doctor before trying a new treatment, method, or suggestion to ensure you do not aggravate your allergies.

  1. Tissues up the nose
    An ancient solution to an ancient problem. Yes, you look a little silly, but embrace the beauty in the tissue-up-nose cure. You’re an allergy survivor.
    Tissues Up Nose
    Image courtesy of Dutch Ado About Nothing.
  2. Eat Kiwi
    No, not Australians. I’m talking about the fruit. Kiwis are a natural antihistamine, and enriched with Vitamin C!
    Image courtesy of Yo Berry.
  3. Turn on the AC
    Air conditioning can promote drier air and act as an air filter.
    Air Conditioner
    Image courtesy of The Guardian.
  4. Take Quercetin
    Found naturally in black tea (but you can find it in capsule form too), this antioxidant decreases inflammation and is commonly used for allergies. Hallelujah! No more puffy eyes.
    Image courtesy of Quercetin.
  5. Freezing or heating foods
    Freezing or heating raw, unprocessed foods that cause a mild reaction in some, known as oral allergy syndrome, could decrease the food’s allergenic potency.
    Image courtesy of Allergy Hacks | Tumblr.
  6. A spoonful of Honey
    Honey…are you serious? Apparently a spoonful of honey daily helped many allergy sufferers build up a tolerance.
    Image courtesy of Hang the Bankers.

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