March 3, 2016

These recipes taste as good as they sound (and look), but are made with whole grains and either sugar-free or don’t include refined sugar–which are staple dietary foods for those trying to avoid Diabetes (of course, enjoy in moderation)!

  1. Triple Chocolate & Avocado Vegan Cupcakes

    “The healthiest and sexiest foods in the world are in fact, whole foods. The thing with cakes though, is that they can be tricky to make from 100% whole food (believe me, I’ve tried almost every combination!).”
    Triple Chocolate & Avocado Vegan Cupcakes
    Recipe courtesy of Feed Your Awesome Machine.

  2. Whole Grain Mint & Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

    ” have been thinking about baking with different flours for a while. I have used oat, and barley flour quite a bit in the past but I think I am also going to incorporate some buckwheat, and coconut flour as well, maybe a little bit of almond flour.
    Oatmeal Cookies
    Recipe courtesy of Eat Good 4 Life.

  3. Peanut Butter Choco Crunch Balls

    “I’m pretty much hooked on pb crunch balls now. The Chex Cereal totally gives the balls some crunch, and I am a crunch person.”
    Peanut Butter Choco Crunch Balls
    Recipe courtesy of Fit Foodie Finds.

  4. Crackling Almond & Coconut Cookies

    “The cookies started life as a twinkle in the eye of my Almond Pie Crust and ended up as a little bit chewy, a little bit crispy and a lot addictive. “
    Crackling Almond & Coconut Cookies
    Recipe courtesy of 84th & 3rd.

  5. Raw Chocolate Birthday Cake & Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse

    “The cake portion is comprised of walnuts, very fine almond meal, maple syrup, vanilla + raw cacao. I dehydrated the cake and was so pleased with the results. Exactly like a rich and dense brownie and heavy with deep chocolate flavor. I imagine the cake could be made in the oven as well.”
    Raw Chocolate Birthday Cake & Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse
    Recipe courtesy of The First Mess.

  6. Meyer Lemon Bars

    “What makes this recipe extra special is that you actually use an entire whole lemon in the filling. Yes the whole fruit. Peel, pith and all. So, it is quite important that you use an organic lemon, or at least one that is unsprayed and free of pesticides or other chemicals.”
    Meyer Lemon Bars
    Recipe courtesy of Tasty Yummies.

  7. Sour Cherry & Macadamia Cake

    “This cake says summer to me. It’s light enough for a January treat and lush enough to satiate that cake fix. Serve on its own, with a dollop of natural yogurt or ice cream, or even topped with one of the Cherry Sauce recipes above!”
    Sour Cherry & Macadamia Cake
    Recipe courtesy of 84th & 3rd.

  8. Yeast-Free Sticky Cinnamon Rolls

    “These Sticky Cinnamon Rolls are gluten-free and whole grain, as well as yeast-free and cane-sugar free! These are allergy-friendly and can easily be made vegan as well.”
    Yeast-Free Sticky Cinnamon Rolls
    Recipe courtesy of The Fit Cookie.

  9. Barley Scones & Roasted Plums

    “I love scones. I actually love breakfast treats in general, but the scone is my absolute favorite one of them all. Croissants or pain au chocolate are a tad indulgent, muffins are fine, good danish or sticky buns are few and far between, but scones! They’re the perfect vehicle for some jam and a most lovely accompaniment to tea.”
    Barley Scones & Roasted Plums
    Recipe courtesy of The First Mess.

  10. Coconut Almond Bark

    “This bark makes for a great filling evening snack that will satisfy the sweetest tooth you got…naturally.”
    Sugar-Free Coconut Almond Bark
    Recipe courtesy of Healthful Pursuit.

  11. Oatmeal Cookies

    “I like the richness the almond flour adds, and baking the cookies at a lower temperature allows them to achieve a nice spread—I like a flat, chewy oatmeal cookie…no puff balls for me. Also, I like them a bit under baked…a bit unset in the middle; bake them a couple minutes longer for a crisper cookie.”
    Oatmeal Cookies
    Recipe courtesy of Sweet Freedom.

  12. Spelt Banana Bread

    “This is no ordinary banana bread. This is seriously THE BEST banana bread I have eaten in my entire life! It’s just soooo moist, so tender, sweet and chewy, it’s just like a super decadent cake, only it’s good for you!”
    Spelt Banana Bread
    Recipe courtesy of The Healthy Foodie.

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  • Sarah J. Darlow-Parker

    These desserts look amazing!! Thank you for sharing my Cinnamon rolls :)