March 1, 2016

Known by many nicknames, such as “the elixir of life” and “tea fungus,” and tastes like sparkling apple cider vinegar (to me, at least–which isn’t unbearable…I kinda like it.) Kombucha is made from sweetened black tea and a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Yum.

Kombucha Tea
Kombucha tea in the making, courtesy of The Kitchen. The gooey thing on top is the SCOBY.

The healthy bacteria, also found in things like yogurt and red wine, have some great benefits:

  1. Increased Energy

    The detoxifying effects this tea has on the body, allows the body to function better, increasing energy. Oxalic acid and lactic acid, found in the tea, promote increased energy levels and bodily processes. And let’s not forget that Kombucha is made from black tea–hello caffeine.
    Black Tea
    Image courtesy of Naver.

  2. Detoxify Systems

    Better than Drain-O, but for your body (to put it bluntly)! This “tea fungus” will help clean out our digestive system, and specifically your liver. At lease with a car you can replace filters, but you only have 1 liver, and it isn’t easily replaced.
    Image courtesy of BlissTree.

  3. Regulate Blood Sugar

    Good news for diabetics or pre-diabetics? There have been mixed results in this area, however research suggests that this fermented tea can help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Kombucha is, by no means, a replacement for insulin, but it can be a dietary addition to manage diabetes (always talk to your doctor first!)
    Blood Sugar
    Image courtesy of Mr. Kate.

  4. Healthier Joints

    Glucosamines, which Kombucha is rich in, promote the production of hyaluronic acid. This natural acid increases the cohesive nature of connective tissue, protecting joints, with the added benefit of pain relief.
    Joint Health
    Image courtesy of Pickles & Honey.

  5. Prevent Cancer

    With genetically modified organisms (GMOs), refined grains, and chemicals we can’t pronounce in everything we eat, (not to mention pollution, power plants, and other sources of toxic material), cancer is an epidemic. Kombucha is rich in cancer-fighting molecules, such as anti-oxidants, glucaric acid, usnic acid, malic acid, and vitamins. All of which promote immune support.
    Cancer Prevention
    Image courtesy of PopSugar.

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