February 26, 2016

  1. Limit your liquor

    The holidays, between parties, family gatherings, and festive evenings involve a lot of booze options, which can be high in carbs and sugars. Try sticking to 1 glass of your favorite wine or beer or mix club soda with dry wine to make a healthy wine cooler.
    Holiday drinking
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  2. Snack before the party

    Eat a healthy snack before going to a holiday party, that way your holiday munching will not be driven by your stomach. If you feel slightly less hungry beforehand, you’ll be able to make better decisions about what you eat at the party. Also, if you’re planning to drink, it is always better, especially for diabetics, to have food in their stomach before drinking.
    Healthy snack
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  3. Go small

    Limit your portions of those yummy treats so you don’t overindulge. Also, take some treats and leftovers to-go! Your hosts will be flattered you like their desserts and it will be a good snack for lows.
    Small portions
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  4. Don’t skip meals

    You might think you’re clever skipping lunch or dinner because you’re gonna splurge at a family gathering or party, but you could really throw your body out of whack. Eat regular meals and monitor your glucose levels to ensure your body is in top condition.
    Daily Meals
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  5. Fresh foods

    If there is a veggie or fruit platter, load up on that! Try to avoid dips unless you’re willing to ask the hosts about the recipe or nutrition information.
    Vegetable platter
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  6. Cut the carbs from your meals

    Find places where you can cut out carbs from your daily meals to account for the carbs in the treat you will be eating later.
    Cut Carbs
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  7. Devote time to exercising

    Work off some of those carbs from your meals during the holiday season to help keep your blood glucose levels and insulin dosages in balance.
    Image courtesy of CNN Health.

  8. Keep a record

    Make a note of your habits during the holiday season so you have a reference for next year! No need to over think it every year.
    Plan Meals
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