February 26, 2016

  1. Not keeping to a routine
    Okay, so we all have those days where you feel miserable, maybe someone stole your yogurt from the refrigerator at work, and you’ve got a headache, and an early morn–blah blah blah. Unless you are ill (i.e., more than a headache) don’t stray from your workout routine or it may become a habit and eventually detract from all the work you’ve put in. If you’re not feeling up to a full workout, perhaps cut your workout in half and focus on one exercise.
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  2. Skipping meals
    Diets can be helpful in losing weight, but fasting or skipping meals can actually slow down your metabolism! Regular meals give your body the energy to function on a molecular level, actually burning calories while you sit at work or on the couch. By skipping meals, your body’s internal functions, or metabolic rate, will become sluggish!
    Skipping Meals
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  3. Only dieting
    Studies prove time and time again that dieting alone is an inefficient way to lose weight and that a combination of diet and exercise can not only help you lose weight, but improve your overall health!
    Only Dieting
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  4. Only exercising
    It’s the vice versa!!! If you put a lot of time and energy into working out, but then go home and eat Cheetos, white bread, white rice, a fatty steak soaked in salt, beer, and a candy bar, you are the definition of “skinny fat.” It might sound funny and like a luxury, but fat deposits in your organs and arteries could lead to high cholesterol, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, even if you have a toned model body–check the research.
    Only Exercising
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  5. Cutting out all fat
    Many, many people associate fat as a bad guy, but really he’s a stereotype. Not all fat is bad, in fact, the good fats, including monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat, can actually help you lose weight! Try eating some almonds, sunflower seeds, avocado, olives, soy milk, or tofu as a snack and have fish for dinner once in a while.
    Fatty Foods
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  6. Fast food
    There are those days where you forget your lunch, wallet, or are in a rush and need to stop for a bite to eat. Fast food restaurants now provide nutritional information and healthy options, including Taco Bell, McDonalds, Subway, Hardy’s, and more.
    Healthy Fast Food
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  7. Neglecting the cardio
    Doing crunches, push ups, and squats might give you muscle, but those exercises actually burn few calories and will not yield visible results if they are hidden under a layer of fat. That’s right, your abs are actually pointless eye candy until you get rid of the layer of belly fat. Cardio exercises, such as running, jumping jacks, walking, and jump rope are great for burning more calories and especially fat, but also tone muscles that sit ups, push ups and squats don’t impact as much.
    Image courtesy of Women’s Health Mag.
  8. Not sleeping enough and stress
    Cortisol is a natural hormone released into your body when you are stressed, which increases your blood sugar and can add to the weight by limiting your body’s functions to only the minimum required to function. If you’re really feeling bogged down by stress, opt for an alternative exercise such as yoga.

    Stress can also result in a lack of sleep, but choosing to stay up late also results in a lack of sleep, and sleeplessness will add on the pounds too! Did you realize that you are burning calories by sleeping? Your sleep patterns have an impact on your hormones and biorhythms, which can impede your weight loss efforts.
    Fighting Stress
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