February 26, 2016

Does the stress of having to bungee jump off a 150-foot crane (when you’re deathly afraid of heights) affect your blood glucose?

Is it possible to get some much-needed rest if your insulin pump is beeping every hour on the hour—and you’re sleeping on a sidewalk in the middle of a busy foreign city?

How do you dose insulin when you’re eating a boiled sheep’s head—eyeballs, tongue, and all?

These are just a few of the absurd quandaries faced by Nat Strand, the first contestant with diabetes on The Amazing Race, the rugged, exhausting reality-TV competition. From dog sledding in the Arctic Circle and rappelling down a canyon in Oman to speed skating in South Korea and toiling in Russian potato fields (while dressed like babushkas, of course), she and best friend and teammate Kat Chang traveled a total of 32,000 miles in just 23 days…

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