March 11, 2016

    Cutting carbs completely out of your diet can be challenging and not always necessary. Certain carbs help burn fat and actually promote weight loss. The key to finding these ‘good’ carbs is to look for whole grain in each ingredient. Just because the front of the package says made with whole grain, doesn’t meant it is the healthiest option. So, try substituting ‘whole’ grain bread and pasta for some of these healthy carb alternatives.

  1. Barley

    Barley is an excellent ingredient to curb your appetite and help fight hunger. It is high in fiber and protein, helping stabilize your blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day. In addition, the whole grain and fiber in barley will help reduce the risks of heart problems. It has a similar taste and consistency to pasta, but is as easy to cook as rice; therefore, a healthy substitute for your kids without them noticing.

    Image courtesy of Baldor Food.

  2. Beans

    No matter what type of bean you choose, all are full of fiber, protein, and iron. They are packed with fiber and low in calories, making them perfect to add to any meal or snack. All of these benefits of beans will help keep you fuller longer. Not only will beans help you remain in your skinny jeans, but they may aid in disease prevention.

    Mixed Beans
    Image courtesy of Huffington Post.

  3. Oats

    Plain oats are the best to get all the nutrients, fiber, and protein. Much of the instant oatmeal brands are packed with sugars. Avoid these and opt for the plain rolled oats or even steel-cut oats. Both kinds help lower the risk of diabetes, as well as reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Oats will help give you the energy you need at breakfast to get through your day, but can also be incorporated into snacks and healthy desserts.

    Image courtesy of Himalaya Oasis.

  4. Quinoa

    Quinoa is full of various proteins that help build lean muscle and keep your heart healthy. Like all of these healthy carbs, it is packed full of fiber. As an added bonus, it is gluten-free and cholesterol-free. Quinoa is easy to cook, as it is similar to rice, but has more of a nutty taste. It is an excellent, healthy alternative for a side dish for any meal.

    Image courtesy of Alter Eco Foods.

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