February 26, 2016

Since I’ve started making skin care products, I’ve really done a lot of research on which natural oils will not clog pores. I’ve been pleased to find that many natural oils actually are noncomedogenic. This is great news since many of these oils can really be excellent moisturizers, and even those of us with acne still need to apply moisturizers to our skin in the delicate areas especially.

It’s interesting to note that the man-made oils so often used in skin care products today such as petroleum based ingredients like propylene glycol, and all the various iterations of mineral and petroleum oils, are actually the biggest pore cloggers of all.

Nature’s own oils are actually “smarter” than the man made stuff that way, which is great news since petroleum based oils are basically “dead”. By dead I mean that they contain no extra beneficial nutrients, fatty acids, minerals or vitamins like natural oils so often do. If I haven’t gotten my point across, naturally based moisturizers are ten time better than a moisturizer based in petroleum, hands down.

Many people think that oils all cause or aggravate acne, and while this may be true for some of them, it’s actually not true for the vast majority of the natural ones. Coconut oil is actually a very thick and rich oil (it’s actually solid at room temperature as you know).

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