February 27, 2016

  1. Migraine Headaches

    This type of headache is usually associated with a throbbing pain on one side of your head. Do you wince at bright light when your head is hurting, or do you feel slightly queasy or uneasy inside? It’s probably a migraine.

    The cure: Many people rely on painkillers and prescription drugs to treat their migraines, but this can often result in a dependency and tolerance to the drugs. Instead, try drinking more water or ask a friend to massage your head and sinus areas. Add magnesium to your diet to help prevent migraine headaches and use Feverfew, an herbal remedy, to relieve the migraine symptoms and decrease the occurrence of migraines.
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  2. Tension Headaches

    If you are feeling pressure on both sides of your head, you’re likely experiencing a tension headache. Many people experience the pressure near the base of their skull, back of the head, or the temples due to overusing muscles in the neck–sometimes brought on by stress.

    The cure. Stretch or massage it out. Flex your neck up, down, and side to side periodically if you sit in front of a computer all day. This should help keep your muscles stretched and spasm free. Use a tennis ball when you get home to help alleviate tight muscles by placing it where the back or neck tension is and lying on it until the muscle tightness relinquishes. Massage therapy is also a great solution for those who suffer from stiff and spasming muscles on a regular basis.
    Stretch Neck
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  3. Exertion Headaches

    Typically this headache starts out as a dull ache, but build up to be a real pain. These headaches are usually triggered by physical exertion, such as exercise.

    The cure. Mild over the counter pain relievers before exercise can help prevent the headache, but drinking water before, during, and after can help keep inflammation low and your brain hydrated.
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  4. Allergy Headaches

    The headache that feels like a cold, with congestion, sneezing, glassy eyes, and the feeling that your head is in a cloud. This headache is typically associated with your sinus cavities, and might feel as though there is pressure around your eyes, the bridge of your nose, and just above your brow.

    The cure. Try some allergy medicines to relieve all symptoms. If you are trying to avoid the drugs, try a hot shower and cool compress on your forehead to quell the headache symptoms.
    Ice Pack
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