March 3, 2016

Deborah Gilboa, MD Feedback from TappMD Expert
Deborah Gilboa, MD
When should you enroll your child in kindergarten?
Deciding when to start our kids in school is a tough call. Many 4 and 5 year olds seem ready for kindergarten, but it can be a struggle to know if that same child will be ready to leave home after high school graduation at only 17 or a young 18. This article talks about both sides of the preschool decision!

There are so many variables to consider when making the kindergarten start age decision. And as parents, we’re lucky to have the right to make these choices and to discuss them with each other. We spoke with several moms who shared the why behind their very personal decisions to send their children to kindergarten on time, or to “redshirt” or…

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Deborah Gilboa, MD

Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) of empowers parents to raise respectful, responsible and resilient kids. Around the country and around the world, she works with parents to increase their knowledge and to use the parenting instincts they already have. Doctor G focuses on practical tools and teaching skills, not just dishing out advice.