February 26, 2016

Erin Palinski, RD, CDE, LDN Feedback from TappMD Expert
Erin Palinski, RD, CDE, LDN
With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas right around the corner, you may already be stressing about holiday weight gain.
To prevent packing on the pounds before the New Year, follow these simple tips for a healthy and happy holiday!

Don’t skip all of your favorite holiday treats; just consume smaller portions of them.

Offer to bring a favorite low-calorie dish to holiday parties so you can enjoy it.

Don’t try to lose weight during the holidays. Focus on weight maintenance.

Limit your intake of alcohol and other high calorie drinks such as eggnog and punch. Instead choose water, tea, or calorie-free beverages.

Center your holiday entertainment on non-food items such as ice skating, singing carols, or renting a holiday movie.

Make an effort to maintain your regular exercise program throughout the holidays.

Eat a small meal or snack before arriving at a holiday party. This will keep you from being overly hungry resulting in overeating.

Eat slowly! It takes your stomach 20 minutes to realize it is full.

Leave fresh fruit around the house to decrease the urge to pick on holiday sweets.

At holiday parties, fill your plate once and resist the urge to go back for seconds.

If appetizers are served, fill one plate with your favorites and do not go back for more.

Make traditional holiday recipes with low-fat substitutions to decrease the calorie and fat content: substitute oil or butter with applesauce, use low-fat creams and milks, use herb to add flavor instead of fat.

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Erin Palinski, RD, CDE, LDN

Erin Palinski, RD, CDE, LDN, CPT promotes nutrition and wellness as an author, media spokesperson, motivational speaker, and corporate consultant. Erin is the author of the newly released “Belly Fat Diet for Dummies” (Wiley 2012) as well as the creator and author of the Healthy 'n Fit Weight Management Program and the Healthy Resolutions Weight Management Program. She also serves as the featured expert in the #1 best selling diabetes Ipad App “Diabetes: What Now” by Everydayhealth and is the featured nutrition expert on the weekly syndicated health show KnowMoreTV.