February 26, 2016
Deborah Gilboa, MD

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Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) of AskDoctorG.com empowers parents to raise respectful, responsible and resilient kids.

Around the country and around the world, she works with parents to increase their knowledge and to use the parenting instincts they already have. Doctor G focuses on practical tools and teaching skills, not just dishing out advice. From one minute tips on making your life easier while building kids’ character to her downloadable guides (chores at every age, boundaries for tech use and more) Doctor G makes parenting more simple and more effective.

As a Board Certified Family Physician, mother of four, author of Teach Resilience: Raising Kids Who Can Launch! and a professional parenting speaker, she captivates parents through her humorous straight talk and takes the guilt out of parenting. She especially loves taking questions directly from parents - search the hundreds she's answered or ask her your question here!

Dr. Debi Gilboa is the host of the TV series "iQ: smartparent" premiering February 2013. Doctor G serves as an expert resource for Parents magazine, MSNBC, Yahoo News, USA Today and author of numerous other media outlets.

Doctor G is a regular contributor to Huffington Post Parents, Your Teen Magazine and several of the largest parenting sites online. Doctor G is a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the recipient of multiple awards.

But beyond all of these honors, she’s most proud of her family. She and her husband are raising four boys who are growing into respectful, responsible and resilient young men and have been honored for their unique community service projects.

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