February 26, 2016

    Tis the season for cold weather and warm drinks. Nothing is better than a sweet, tasty drink to warm you up during the fall and winter season. However, many of your seasonal favorites are packed with calories, fat, and sugar. One can still indulge in these holiday treats without adding on the pounds. Simply make your own recipes to cut the calories and your spending. Try out these alternatives to find your new winter favorite that will help you cut the fat and calories this season.

  1. Skinny Peppermint Mocha

    Although many coffee shops seem to have perfected this seasonal drink, it comes with lots of sugars and calories that are unnecessary. A homemade version can reduce the sugars, calories, and carbs, while maintaining the flavorful peppermint taste. Skip the whipped cream on the top, as well. Try this recipe from Snack-Girl for only 80 calories and 15 carbs per serving.

    Peppermint Mocha
    Image courtesy of Alaska From Scratch.

  2. Spiced Cider Punch

    This drink is perfect for a chilly, winter or fall day spent by the fire. In addition to the low-sugar and carbs, this drink is full of spices. These spices will give you extra vitamins and fiber from just one serving. If spiced cider isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other similar recipes that substitute pumpkin, lemon, pomegranates, etc. Check out this amazing recipe from Shape.

    Spiced Punch
    Image courtesy of Tasty Kitchen.

  3. Cinnamon Coffee

    One of the easier drinks to make, but tastes just as good as the rest. Instead of spending money and calories on drinks at coffee shops, try making your own! This recipe is just a twist on your brewed coffee from home. It can be served hot or over ice, whichever you prefer. Try the recipe from Shape for all ingredients and quick steps.

    Cinnamon Coffee
    Image courtesy of Committed 2 Nutrition.

  4. Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Pumpkin drinks, especially coffee ones, are a fall favorite. But with this comes extra sugars and calories from the syrups and toppings. You can still enjoy the taste pumpkin has to offer without the unnecessary calories. A great recipe is from Dashing Dish with about 70 calories.

    Pumpkin Latte
    Image courtesy of The Healthy Wife.

  5. Healthy Eggnog

    Eggnog is a holiday staple, yet is so not worth indulging in, given the amount of calories and fat in one serving. Instead, make your own! Try this easy and quick recipe that will allow you to enjoy eggnog under 150 calories! Skip the whipped cream on top, and add extra cinnamon or nutmeg instead. Try this recipe from Blogilates for all the necessary steps and ingredients.

    Image courtesy of Girl Makes Food.

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